Bare Naked & Not Ashamed
Bare Naked & Not Ashamed

Bare Naked & Not Ashamed  Marriage Retreat & Events

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Marriage is a beautiful covenant relationship which was established by God to represent HIS relationship with HIS people.  It's HIS will HIS way.  It's honorable and can endure the hardships of life.


Each year we host events, namely a marriage retreat that endeavors to build strong bonds within marriages that will stand the tests of time.  We are focused on changing the stastics of marriages ending in divorce.   Our objective is to get the couples to realize 1.) they have to fight for their marriage, 2.) they have to understand that marriage is work, and 3.) begin to work it.    Reaching these goals, we will be able to eradicate divorce in believers homes, improve family structures and produce healthy adults and children.


Many believe that married life is like a fairy tale;  we stop at the ceremony and forget that there is life afterwards.  There is the blending of two lives, two different upbringings, two different realities.  Alot of the traits do not show up until after you say..."I Do!".  At that time you're already committed.  Know that all hope is not lost.  We can help you find the rhythm and melody of your union.



Forget About Me I Love You

Every action in marriage must be

intentional in the right direction.  

The direction you choose can make it or break it.

Your investment should always yield you a return.  Some returns may take time to mature, but know for certain there will be a return.

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